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Author - Editor - Dreamer

S.A. Braden, more affectionately known as Stephen (or Senior, if you ask his wife), breathed his first breath of sunny Southern California air in January 1993.

As a child, Stephen enjoyed reading Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology, (and all things fantasy) which sparked not only a love for history and language but a fondness and devotion to the art of storytelling and how the stories told relate across cultures.

A self professed bibliophile, and an accomplished ghost-writer, when he's not at work charting electrical networks, Stephen spends his time mapping out the worlds inside his head. His Faith, his family, and his friends drive him to dedicated and passionate in all he does.

I founded The Secret Tales of S.A. Braden with the goal of helping readers demystify the writing process. Using my education and certifications produced through the University of Michigan, I plan on taking deep dives into the characteristics of good writing. It is my hope to help you build a greater appreciation for what you read and even spark ideas for your own work.