A Novella Coming March 2022

“Do not look into the Flame. To peer into the Flame is to allow the Flame to pry into you. It will show you futures you need not know.”

The city Providence is the crown jewel of society. Or, it aspired to be. Instead, it is a land in decay… its source of power dying, and its inhabitants with it.

Son, and heir to one of the nine founding families of the city, Spiro Itrolcon shares a familial responsibility in securing a new home — a home that demonstrates the beauty and quality of living Providence has. A sister-city.

The problem is, Spiro cares more for merriment and revelry than he does for responsibility, or family.

His loyalty is further tested when he and his peers unearth that the legacy of Providence’s leaders may not be as benevolent as he was taught, and those leaders happen to be his parents. Spiro attempts to untangle himself from his family’s dark heritage, but discovers that in the light of his own character, unraveling his actions from the mistakes of his inheritance may be harder than he thought.

When tragedy erupts, Spiro is forced to stare death in the face — carrying a burden of secrets, the harsh truths of self-realization, and an aching reminiscence for what could have been.

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